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Kubota Leasing
Standard & Customized Products
A lease plan is easier to budget, and enables your business to generate revenue from new Kubota equipment without tying up cash and credit. Call Kubota Leasing at 855.222.3955, or download our one page Credit Application—all you need for transactions anywhere from $3,000 up to $150,000.
The following are standard and customized leasing products. Contact a Kubota Leasing Manager today to determine the best leasing option for your business.
True Lease
Lease in which the Lessor (Leasing Company) retains ownership of the equipment and the Lessee (Customer) pays rent for use of the equipment.

Fixed Price Purchase Option
Lease Product which gives Customers the ability to have a fixed low monthly payment plus the flexibility to purchase the equipment at the end of the term for a guaranteed predetermined amount.
Lease Purchase
Lease that provides the benefit of ownership to the lessee. The end of term purchase percentage can vary. This is often referred to as a lease with a fixed balloon payment at the end.
Full Payout Lease
 Lease in which the lessee (Customer) owns the equipment at the end of term for a nominal $100 payment.
Lease Line of Credit
A Lease Line of Credit is a non-equipment specific lease approval, and can be set up for any of the different types of leases. When Customer starts acquiring equipment, it’s applied to their total lease line.
Step Lease
Lease product that’s structured to match your Customer’s budget growth over the term of the lease. Lease is structured with lower payments during the early term of the lease, with predictable, gradual increases as your Customer’s business grows.
Seasonal Lease
Lease payment structure whereby the Customer makes payments according to their cash flow during the year. Payments are lower in slow months and higher when cash flow is not a concern. This is the best plan for seasonal businesses.
Municipal Lease
Product for state and local government agencies.
Kubota Leasing Promotional Rates for Excavators are valid from October 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017 sold by authorized Kubota dealers. Offer is available to credit-qualified commercial customers in the U.S. with an application approved by Kubota Leasing. Equipment lease is based on 1200 hr per year usage, and following prescribed maintenance and other requirements as set forth in the Kubota Leasing lease agreement. Monthly payment amounts stated in banner are based on MSRP with a 60-month term. Lease is intended to be structured as a True Lease with a Fixed Price Purchase Option. Payments are subject to applicable taxes. Promotion subject to change at any time by Kubota Leasing.